MRI is a scan which uses a magnetic field rather than radiation to produce detailed pictures of inside the body.

It is especially useful to collect pictures of soft tissue, fat, cartilage, tendons, bone, internal organs and muscles that are not visible on a traditional Xray.

QDI offers MRI imaging of all body regions, utilizing both 3T and 1.5Tscanners.

Body Scan-100 What is involved?

MRI does not usually require any pre-scan preparation and may be performed in conjunction with a CT scan or plain Xray.

For abdominal or bowel MRI – you may be asked to fast prior to your appointment.

When making a booking it is important to advise the booking staff if you have any of the following : Pacemaker, Brain aneurysm clips, heart clips, ear clips or cochlear implants, any other implanted devices or prostheses and if you have had any eye surgery or have known metal objects in your eye or brain (e.g. shrapnel etc.).

  • You should also advise the clinic staff if you have had metallic foreign bodies / metal in your eye or brain or if you have had eye surgery.
  • Please inform the receptionist if there is a possibility that you may be pregnant.


We strongly advise that you inform us if you suffer from claustrophobia, so we may discuss your options with you, prior to the procedure.

Varsity MRI

How is the test done?

The procedure

You will be asked to leave phones / jewellery / coins / keys / belts / credit cards outside of the examination room as the equipment has a strong magnetic field and could damage your property (we suggest you leave valuables at home).

The MRI Scanner is a circular magnet with a padded scanner couch table, the MRI Tech will position you on the scanner and following this you will asked to remain as still as possible for the duration of the examination. During the procedure you will able to hear and talk to the MRI Tech who will be monitoring the examination from the adjacent room. It is vital that you do not move or change position during your scan.

How long does it take?

The examination will take between 15 – 60 minutes to complete.

  Where can we have an MRI?

  • Varsity Lakes
  • Tweed Hospital
  • Caloundra
  • Holy Spirit Northside Private Hospital
  • Caboolture
  • Ipswich – Limestone Street
  • River City Imaging


Please note that a Medicare rebate may apply to this examination. When booking an appointment you will be advised of any out of pocket expense for this procedure.


Your results will be forwarded electronically to your referring doctor and should be available within 24 hours.

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