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CT Shoulder Joint Injection

CT Shoulder Joint Injection

Video Duration: 3.17

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Paul: Hi, I am Paul Chou. I’m a radiologist at QDI Varsity Lakes. We’re performing a CT – guided shoulder joint injection for pain management. Benefits are multifo ld. First of all, it’s diminished the acute inflammation that occurs in the joint. With reduced inflammation, the patient should experience reduced pain and with reduced pain, the patient should have improved mobility with regards to the joint.

Woman: Happy with that?

Paul: Yes.

Woman: [inaudible 00:00:31]

Paul: There’s a larger ef fusion in the…

Woman: All right…

Paul: Lo ts of arthritis. Using CT as a guide, we’re going to identify the location where we want to inject the shoulder joint. Hello, Joy. I’m Paul. I’m gonna do this injection for you today. I’m go ing to sterilize the skin , give you anesthetics to the skin and then use a needle to get all this fluid out. Now, just bear with us. We’re just gonna set up now, okay? We will sterili ze the skin, give the patient local anesthetics. Joy, I’m go ing to put a drape. It’s just a cover over this way.

Joy: Okay.

Paul: Okay, that’s okay , then. That’s okay. Good. Okay . You feel okay?

Woman: Are you happy with that, sir?

Paul: Okay. We will then use a very fine needle, enter into the joint. Other than that… Okay, we’re gonna put this needle in now. We’re gonna take an image here, okay?

Joy: Okay.

Paul: Our pain management center at Varsity Lakes provides these minimally in vasive procedures with the aim to help patients relieve, reduce, or manage chronic and acute pain. All you need to do is stay still. Now, we’re gonna put the medication in now. Once we confirm the joint position, we will inject steroid s and local anestheti cs into the joint for pain management. Okay, all finished. I’m gonna put a dressing on.

Joy: Okay.

Paul: Okay. Sorry, excuse me there. There you go, good. Okay. Good.

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