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PRP Injections

PRP Injections

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Dr. Buchan: Hi, I’m Dr. Craig Buchan. I’m a musculoskeletal and interventional radiologist who works at QDI Varsity Lakes. Are you sore there, mate? Is that…

Randall: Nah, that’s not too bad.

Dr. Buchan: Okay. So we can get at this fluid. Randall has a proper decent – sized tear of that tendon. And if we can get that to start healing, then, you know, that’s the end goal, what we’re trying to achieve.

Nurse: Yeah, that’s [inaudible 00:00:27].

Dr. Buchan: Yeah, but it will all communicate, won’t it ? Nurse: Yeah.

Dr. Buchan: But I can’t…To tell you the truth, the tendon has quite a few areas of irregularity and tearing, and so, we’ll go…we’ll definitely get some of that fluid out of the bursa but we’ll also…

Randall: Okay.

Dr. Buchan: Okay, good, because that’s where’s the tear. And that’s where I’d like to go , with this tear, so that’s excellent. All right, mate. I’ll wash my hands so we get started, okay?

Randall: Okay. Good.

Dr. Buchan: Good stuff . So what I’ll do , I’d like some local. Thanks. Nurse: [Inaudible 00:01:16]

Dr. Buchan: All right. Yeah.

Dr. Buchan: Okay, one. Hold on. Sorry, mate. Sorry, that just stings a little bit now, Randall. I’m getting like maybe 5 mL straight away, straw – colored fluids. So that shouldn’t be there. That’s abnormal, so, getting rid of that in itself, you’ll feel better. It’s some fluid of accumul ated in a potential space here. What we do we called fenestration where we make a cut where this tendon’s not normal. And I was gonna make…cut little holes in it, filling in where exactly where we thought was sore . We’re just putting some in the bursa now. A little bit more at the front of the tendon, if that’s okay. If you can tolerate it, can you all right mate ? I’m just injecting it and there’s that tear there. Well done, Randall. Hang in there, mate. You’re doing really well. Well done.

Randall: Oh.

Dr. Buchan: Good on ya , mate. You did great. You did really well.

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