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Ultrasound Joint Injection

Ultrasound Joint Injection

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Paul: Hi, I’m Paul Chou. I’m a radiologist at QDI Varsity Lakes. Hello, Peter.

Peter: How are you?

Paul: Hello, I’m Paul.

Peter: Good, Paul.

Paul: I ‘m gonna do this injection for you today.

Peter: All right. Will that alleviate a lot of the pain and help me for another six months, seven months?

Paul: The Orthokine helps with relieving pains associated with arthritis. And in your case, you said to have arthritis for years, s o the joint’s worn out, the cartilage’s worn out. So what the Othrokine does is alleviate the pain from the… arises from this wearing of the cartilages in your knee . Gonna get everything set up. Okay, just bear with us.

Peter: All right.

Paul: Our Pain Management Center at Varsity Lakes provides these minimally invasive procedures with the aim to help patients relieve, reduce, or manage chronic and acute pain. So we’re gonna do this injection for you today. So we’re g onna clean your skin, disinfect it, then using the ultrasound to tell us where the joint is, we’re gonna take some fluid away from the joint and then put the medication back into the joint. Benefits are multifold. First of all, it’s diminished the acute in flammation that occurs in the joints. With reduced inflammation, the patient should experience reduced pain. With reduced pain, the patient should have improved mobility with regards to the joint. It’s going into exactly where it needs to go. Finish ed . Her e at QDI Varsity Lakes, we perform hundreds of pain management treatments each year.

Woman: Here you go .

Peter: Thanks.

Paul: That’s good.

Peter: Thank you.

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