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Why Dr Ken Cameron Refers to QDI Varsity Lakes

Why Dr Ken Cameron Refers to QDI Varsity Lakes

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My name’s Dr. Ken Cameron, and I’ve been in general practice now for well over 30 years. I’ve worked the last 12 years on the Gold Coast. Prior to that, most of my work was in South Australia. For the last 20 years, my particular interest in medicine has been the management of chronic pain in a community based setting, and so specifically in general practice. I was introduced to Craig Buchan, Dr. Craig Buchan of QDI, probably 12 months ago and started…we hit up a pretty rapid rapport. And I started referring at that time. And since then, I’d probably refer an average of anything up to about 10 patients a week to QDI in general and to Craig in particular.

Most of the patients that I see have chronic complex pain problems, because I tend to see patients that have had past surgeries that have failed or have come to me because their other treatments haven’t worked but they’re running out of options. And the most common thing I refer is complex chronic back pain problems to QDI. The reason I use Craig so much is that I find him to be excellent at his job, a great communicator, it’s very cost affordable. And many of my patients with chronic pain really struggle with cost because they’re not able to work or their work’s curtailed. So having a group with expertise that are also affordable is a terrific string to my bow that I haven’t had until 12 months ago.

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